Saturday, September 27, 2008

New things

Brain freeze:
Gillen made clear popsicles (we are getting more exciting things to freeze today. We are out of anything but vegetables right now ;)

Nicolas and Gillen have new mountain bikes. Nicolas is riding his back and forth to the farm and he and Gillen have gone to a few challenging trails. They are loving it! I want one too.

I am taking more walks with Tuki in the fallish air.I received a bike delivery of one of those cool red flowers that pop up every year around now.When the kids and I played Quiddler the other day they could make their own words, without any help. They are getting so old and wise.


MamaK said...

Quiddler looks like a bunch of fun! We love games around here, and may need to acquire that.
I want a bike now too!
Happy trails-K

kelli said...

Is the flower the same as the one outside your window? If it is, did you see that Sandra had a picture of it too :)

I think you've inspired me to get our bikes going!

Madeline said...

Yes! I did see that. The same flower is coming up right now in NM! Crazy.

homemoma said...

how did he get that clear ice?

piscesgrrl said...

We love our bikes! In the summer I ride 12-15 miles almost every morning. Have fun!

Angie said...

I completely know what you mean by being out of everything but vegetables.....literally it's all we are eating, trying to hurry up before we get a frost:)

Quiddler? Can you believe I haven't heard of that? I'll be on the lookout for it - it sounds like fun.

Madeline said...

homemama - it is clear, pure water.