Monday, September 22, 2008

"Living and Learning", post conference, with friends

Last week, Deanne visited us for a few days with her two youngest kids. Joseph is Jesse's age and Angelica is Gillen's age. They had plenty in common. One night they put on a talent show:
Gillen dancing to "solja boy"

Joseph was back in his masquerade costume, this time dancing to "Macho Man". He and Angelica also choreographed a dance that was amazing. Gillen's exuberant mc-ing brought down part of the curtain. Eek! Sewing is in my future.

Emboldened by how much fun he had dancing in the big Live and Learn talent show, Jesse danced several times! One of several final bows.The day that Deanne and her kids arrived, the boys had dug out old suits that they wore in family weddings a few years ago and reenacted Broc and Ben's "Soul Man".
Jesse stayed in his outfit the whole day, even while jumping on the trampoline and while playing a long game of flashlight tag.

Joseph is a big "Transformers" fan. He and Jesse share this passion, as well as many others.
At the farm, introducing them to our favorite of Helen's chickens - "Mohawk Dude".
Gillen held a Zinnia bud in the hopes of getting a butterfly to land on his hand. It worked!
I am so glad to have had this chance to get to know Deanne better. It was a really nice visit.


EC said...

oh my god, these pictures really show what fun everyone was having!!!

I used to love putting on shows when I was a youngling, too.

Lynnie said...

Oh My Goodness, they really got into it! I hope my kids are so dramatic as they get older; there's nothing like a homegrown talent show!

MamaK said...

I WILL GO to a conference one of these days! The kids look like they are such a great bunch.
Please stop by my blog, I have you nominated to receive a little thing!....-K