Thursday, May 07, 2009

Back to Back Bay

I am going to Boston in the morning, without Nicolas and the kids, to see friends I haven't seen for thirty years. It's been so much fun reconnecting with them in cyberspace. I know it will be even better in real life. As a bonus, I get to see my stepfather on Sunday.

I've packed my clothes in Gillen's small red backpack and I'm bringing a purse. That's it. Tomorrow I plan to wander alone through old favorites - the Boston Public Garden, Faneuil Hall, even the Boston Public Library (a sacred second home for me as a youngun'). I want to eat in a cafe on Newbury Street and take the subway. Maybe I'll take a ride on a Swan Boat.

I was planning on making this a day alone with my camera. It's supposed to rain so I'm bringing the tiny point and shoot. I know my back will thank me at the end of all this wandering. If it really rains - who knows - maybe I'll go to Coolidge Corner, on my way to meet my friends in Brookline and watch a movie!

The rest of the weekend will be filled with reunion but tomorrow it's just me. (Because the kids are getting to see visiting family from the north here this weekend and are excited about that) I can't wait.


gail said...

Madeline...what a wonderful adventure. I hope every moment is full of joy and can't wait to hear stories about all the connections. Wishing you a fabulous journey :-)

Deanne said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip! I love Boston. Can't wait to see some pix. ;)

Persephone said...

Wow, so glad you are getting to do this! Just hearing you talk about it, makes me feel nostalgic. Have a wonderful weekend and know that we are not far away :)

kelli said...

have a great time! Love the swan boats :)

mindy said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Have a blast with all that alone/free time :)

Clem said...

Wow, i am sure that it must be even more exciting, than when you told me about it a few weeks ago!
Have a great trip! I am sure that you will have a great time alone! xD