Saturday, May 02, 2009

tagged by Mrs. Boo Radley

This tag asks you to post a picture of yourself, immediately, without primping. I read the tag yesterday, groaned as I realized just how tired I looked, and took the photo immediately - I can be too much of a rule follower. I was very glad that Jesse happened to be with me. Then, I got sidetracked so couldn't post it til today.

Mrs. Boo Radley talks on her blog (amidst her inspiring pictures, poems and other things) about what she calls her "no 'poo" approach to hair. You've heard of this, right? You use vinegar or baking soda (or maybe both, read her blog) instead of shampoo and your hair needs far less washing. It truly works. I've seen it, on others.

My no 'poo hair philosophy this week was based on having straightened my hair (eight days ago now) and not wanting to go through that again, until absolutely necessary. I did wash the rest of me. No worries.

I admit that this is not the first picture that I took, nor even the second. Those seemed to take my most tired features and neonize them. It is spontaneous picture attempt number three. My hair actually looks clean!
Then we really had fun. Scary album covers:
I tag: Kelli
Persephone (whose healthy food blog may be too serious for this sillyness but I'd love to see her pregnant glow. : )


mrs boo radley said...

These are SO FABULOUS! Thanks for playing.

Clem said...

The pictures are so well taken! I am not sure if i am able or allowed to try the new shampoo homemade, but it work's so well on you!!!!!!

Madeline said...

Hi Clementine. I don't use vinegar or baking soda in my hair. I use Aveda. I'm indulgent with my shampoo as I use so little of it. : ) But I know the other does work.

persephone said...

I love those faces

Ren said...

Funny thing...I saw Kelli and Rue and other people doing this so I took a photo but haven't posted it yet. I'll get it up, I will, I will.:)

I love the pics!