Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Too often, lately, it moves lightening fast. It blurs by, just like Fracas while in pursuit of a frog; or on a low to the ground sneak inside to grab a lap:That is how quickly my boys seem to grow.At least he is still using the wrong side of Nicolas' razor, and apparently even the wrong end of his face:
At least there are still dinosaurs on the edge of the bathtub.

I love Nicolas in pajamas.

I will be gone for a time, to Montana, where my little sister lives with her husband and new baby girl, Isha. I am respectfully requesting (in my mind) that there be no growing while I am gone.


It is way too soon to be leaving them again. Once a year makes way more sense than twice in one month.


laura said...

this killed me...i'm currently watching samuel fall in love right in front of my eyes and i can't make the clock slow down one tiny bit so that i can enjoy it in slow motion!


that dinosaurs on the bathtub bit choked me up...believe it or not.

Clem said...

It is so funny, when we see Gillen, and then, you say that he actually does not use the right side of the razor...!
]It is pretty sad thought that we grow so fast, but i am sure you can find something where they react like a few years ago. For example, at our house, when someone says "oh you got presents on your bed" the boys will run to go see... I love doing that joke...! (the dinosors are an other example, like you said yourself!)

T said...

Hi. I found your blog on the day I officially decided to home school my 6 year old son next year. Already we are home schooling our older girls. I will enjoy your blog. We live in Hawaii, so we certainly have good weather, except when it's too hot! I look forward to learning from other home school blogging moms. Best, Theresa

mindy said...

Your writing is so beautiful and poignant. Thanks for capturing a moment and slowing us down to take notice.

Madeline said...

Clementine, I love it when you visit my blog. We miss you.

Laura, Samuel in love?! Wow! Oh my goodness, that is big.

Welcome T. I've been out of town so I'm late responding. I look forward to checking out your blog.

See you soon Mindy!