Friday, May 01, 2009

What I really like, right now

I started the day tired (Jesse was sick in the middle of the night) and while doing the mountain of laundry from the night, I found myself muttering about things I do not like right now - things like the man who threw a paper bag out of his truck window while slowly merging on to the highway in front of me yesterday, and the fact that Jesse is sick, and the overworked farmer's mood...

But at the same time, Frickle came out of the woods to greet Gillen, Jesse never threw up again and Gillen decided to work all day at the farm to help Nicolas. One of his employees was out.

So enough with the whingeing. (Though I do wish people wouldn't throw stuff out the windows...)

Here's more of what's good right now:

Asparagus, salads (from the farm and backyard farm) and homemade granola bars.

Facebook - my new fun time-sucker.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, about the year she lost her husband and almost lost her daughter. What a writer.

My Side of the Mountain, by Jean Craighead George. We just finished it. It's the first book in a trilogy about a boy living in the wilderness with a peregrine falcon. Gillen has decided that he too will live in the wilderness, but on a smaller scale. When he turns twelve, he wants to live in the woods at the farm for a week. I would have loved that then too.

My once-a-week zumba class. Under this Latin influence, my hips have come to life, emphatically - but painfully. Once I get in shape this time, I'd like to never take a two-year hiatus again.

Watching movies with my boys. We watched their first Shakespeare movie - As You Like It, directed by Kenneth Branagh. Shakespeare is one of those things that I really wanted them to like so didn't want to present it the wrong way or with too much scare-them-away-instantly-eagerness. They liked it! I'm holding myself back from adding too many Shakespeare movies to my netflix queue.

Helen's flowers at the farm:Spring. Here in Georgia, it will be over any minute.

The farmer just came home, back in a good mood.

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Clem said...

The flowers were very nice, and the food seems very good, much better than the quality we find in New mom still tries to find very good food.
As a New Yorker, i am sure that you understand that the food is good, but not as god as homemade food from the garden!
Here in New York, it is very nice too, except this week, ... rain ... , we LoVe it...!