Monday, May 11, 2009

Where the Boys Are

This past weekend, visiting Boston and Brookline and my friends from thirty years ago, was magical. I loved growing up in that part of the world alongside those people. Much of my long-ago past rushed back to me through the city smells, the walking, the subway rides, the ancient bricks, the street signs and through the (previously forgotten to me) stories shared by my friends. I will post about it soon.

Today, it was all about my guys. Being away from them for a few days, especially when there is a plane involved, always makes me smotheringly appreciative of them when I return. I so love Boston. But this is where the boys are.

Nicolas hosted a big Seeds of Change event at the farm today. I blogged about it at that other blog. I love watching him talk about the farm. Even better was the moment when he pulled me into the barn, opened the cooler and... (you're having crazy thoughts now, aren't you) handed me a huge bunch of asparagus he'd put aside for me. good as my first kiss ever, with red-headed John Tayer in seventh grade.
There were thirteen new additions to the farm over the weekend. Twelve are from Gillen's heritage breed turkeys, the Bourbon Reds. One is a Standard Bronze turkey. Gillen's glad that he will have so many new heritage birds. He is feeding the poults yogurt and egg yolk (thanks to Danielle) and we hope this group will make it.
Jesse gave me a tour of the vegetables he had discovered on "that really long day" (Friday) that he spent at the farm while I was gone. Thankfully, he had a great time the rest of the weekend.

The tomatoes have outgrown him:
He led me to his favorite row - the sugar snap peas - and picked me a handful.
Despite my love of the Boston Public Library, which I did get to re-visit, there is something to be said for reading Calvin and Hobbes in the middle of an unoccupied field:It is good to be home.


kelli said...

Welcome home! you'll have to tell the boys I got to level 80 tonight :)

Madeline said...

Kelli, I just told them and they are freaking out. Congratulations.

Ren said...

Yay kelli!

I love the pic of Jesse in the open field.
Jalen insists on Calvin and Hobbes every night. Someday I hope to read another book to him. Someday.;)

FLO said...

Yes, that photo of Jesse in the grass takes my breath away. Glad you're home after a happy trip!

Danielle said...

Not too much, right? And the yolk is hard boiled, right—somehow that looks a little more soupy than my mix. The idea is to boost their protein and colonize their guts with good flora.

We just got Bourbon Reds this year, and still no luck with our Narragansett hens hatching out their eggs. Grrrrrr. I see an incubator in my future.

Madeline said...

Hi Danielle. It does look soupy. It is from a hard boiled egg. I'll tell him to give less. These were hatched by the mom and then we took them from her. Five died last time, due to predators, when we left them with the mom.

Clem said...

ahh, so luky ... the only time we went at the farm and saw baby animals, the little chickens/turkey's did not live.... oh, well, we have to continue to live ourselves!