Friday, July 10, 2009

Jesse's week in nature camp

Imagine a loud scream:
To get their graduating wolf-imprinted camp certificates, the head counselor had the campers run and scream from across a field to a counselor. With the many different voices and styles of running, this was actually the highlight of my day, so far. Jesse didn't want the week to end. If only school could be as great as camp.

The shelter that Jesse and his crew made (here with his friend Sean inside):These are the same counselors that Gillen had at his overnight camp. He loves these guys. So he got in on the boom a chuck action (so not the right name, they'll have to correct me later) this morning before going to his own camp.
Head couselor - Karen, from Maine. She is awesome, and not just because she is a yankee. Gillen and I were inspired to bring her vegetables.Speaking of vegetables, I am trying hard to finally get another post up at our righteous (if neglected) farm blog. Any minute now.


Clem said...

It's so cool! ! ! !
My brothers and i were at sailing camp! We are having lots of fun! and i hope you too! :D

I can't wait to see you all! We miss you all so much!
: )

Kimba said...

that looks like such a fun way to spend some of the days of summer!