Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The magic of a mini green ipod

Last week I inherited Nicolas' mini ipod. It has changed my family's life. I can attach it to speakers in the kitchen. This means wanting to spend more time there which means more happy cooking than happened previously. Plus, the kids are getting to hear my soundtrack, as opposed to just Nicolas'. Gillen was singing along to Regina Spektor with me tonight.

And, my dog is fit! Now that I have the soundtrack of my past, present and future to inspire me, Tuki gets much longer walks. (I must remember, on future walks, not to sing out loud, even in the country and especially not Tom Waits or Dionne Warwick songs. It happened tonight. I hope that everyone was indoors)

In other music news, in the car we've been listening to the Billy Elliott soundtrack and are loving it - especially this song. We'll be in NY in Sept. for a night or two. I 'm dreaming of introducing the guys to Broadway.

As for live music in the here and now, Gillen is in a music camp this week in which he is learning percussion and making his own instrument. We'll get to see him in his camp concert on Friday night. He is tapping out Spanish rhythms on everything.

If you're willing to share, I'd love to hear your favorite song of the moment.


Angie said...

I'm lovin' me some John Legend right now.....anything and everything that man sings, I love:)

Hope all is well with you - I've missed reading you in my blogging absence, but I still lurk around and catch up!

Have a great day.

Madeline Rains said...

Angie! Thanks for commenting. I miss you too. Hope all is well.

gail said...

Did you know that Regina Spektor has a new album out? I'm thinking about getting it from Itunes today. I love the song..."May I Suggest?" by Red Molly. I love my Ipod in the kitchen and for walking too...

persephone said...

Right now I have pulled out a song from a few years ago. When I listen to it I am back in SF, if just for a moment. "Nothing Better" by Postal Service, I just want to drink that song :)

laura said...

oh i've done the singing with headphones on...too funny!!

it IS so fun to have your personal soundtrack to carry around!!

Frank said...

I'm practicing to play music at the Good Vibrations conference with our throw-together band of unschooling dads, so our playlist is usually in my head lately. The particular song which is looping in my brain right now is 2pac's "California Love."

Madeline Rains said...

Thanks!! I listened to your songs and really liked them. Truly. I bought two of them from e-music.

Sarah said...

I was jogging a few weeks ago and thinking I was running at top speed. Then ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know" came on and I found myself not just singing, but actually busting moves while I was running! That's when I decided that maybe I could pick up the pace a bit.

All I've got on my little SansaDisk are songs from CDs that I bought years ago back when I still bought music, so ABBA and a lot of country. I need more. And different. I'm going to check out Regina Spektor.

Have you seen the "United Breaks Guitars" song on YouTube? It's funny and a pretty catchy tune.

Kimba said...

Apparently I get very loud with headphones/earbuds on...

right now "Oxford Comma" by Vampire Weekend

Madeline Rains said...

Sarah, I loved Abba too. Jesse does as well, so I'm pretty sick of them right now. Check out Bon Iver too! I never knew any new music when my kids were little.

Kimba, it's so good to hear your voice here again. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Rachel said...

Madeline, you and I have really similar musical tates. I've been listening to lots of Regina Spektor lately. I think you might like Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet (if you don't already know about them):


And I know Amelie is one of your favorite movies...do you like the music as well? I love Yann Tiersen, and I have really really gotten into Detektivbyran, a band which has a similar sound to Yann Tiersen. Check them out here:


If you go to this page with their videos, you'll also see a video they did with with Hello Saferide, yet another band I am completely loving right now...and this song is a really beautiful (and very sad one). You'll definitely cry (knowing your track record with this kind of stuff).


Well, that should keep you busy for a while. ;) What a fun post!

Rachel said...

Sorry, I just realized you are going to have to cut and paste all those links. I don't know how to embed them in a comment. ???

Oh, and the Detektivbyran link was too long and got cut off, I think. If you just go to the homepage, you can click to the videos page from there:


(The making of videos are great, and the page I had originally tried to link was "other videos").

Madeline Rains said...

Thankyou Rachel!! I'm also glad to have a link to your blog again.: )