Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Gillen and his hunter safety certificate.He has been waiting for years to be old enough to take this safety training. Without the training, Nicolas and I hadn't felt comfortable with him owning or shooting a gun (he does have a B-B gun). I still can't say I feel comfortable.

But I do feel impressed. He studied for six hours yesterday and did the best of anyone in the test this morning. He couldn't wait to laminate the card and put it in his wallet.

We are eating a lot less meat lately. But we sure did love last night's rubbed and grilled pork chops, bought from our friends with the happy hogs at Riverview Farms. Maybe one day I'll only eat the meat that comes from Gillen's hunts. Hopefully that won't be too much. I imagine(well, hope) that most of his bullets will go towards shooting skeet. Though he now loves to give me a litany of reasons that hunting is essential for the environment and even for some of the hunted species.

I'm just focusing on his pride.


Kenneth said...

Congratulations Gillen!

Quick question: I am a one year old white tailed deer, does the safety certificate cover ME?

Madeline Rains said...


Danielle said...

OMG, that is soooo awesome! Give Gillen a huge hug and congratulations from us.

Merrill said...

Hooray for Gillen. Hey, its free fair-chase, humanely raised, organic meat with exceptional nutritional value.

You need to get him reading Eustace Conway.