Thursday, July 02, 2009


They play hard, argue passionately and defend one another ferociously. I've learned so much watching these two interact, including what I've modeled that works, and what doesn't. And I'm learning that the wrestling matches are some kind of male bonding ritual that is really not about anger at all. Nine times out of ten, no one gets hurt and there is often an awful lot of giggling involved.

I admit, I prefer watching them bond over guitars, in the pool, playing baseball or playing World of Warcraft. I can't help it. I'm a girl. But I'm getting more male-educated and brother-enamored every day.


laura said...

OMG!! i could've written these exact words!! isn't it amazing? i didn't have any brothers, just 3 sisters. i never could've imagined the relationship my boys (well, all my kids really) would have, given what i had with my siblings. even if it is hard to listen to or watch sometimes...their bond is unbreakable!!

mindy said...

I love that guitar picture :)