Thursday, April 03, 2008

The fairy weeks

For one or two weeks every April, Spring bursts forth, more liberally stretching its Wysteria vines, its Carolina Jasmine, its Dogwoods, hundred-year-old Azaleas (in our front yard) and Bradford Pears with new color, scent and freshness than have ever been felt before. But of course, it all happened last year, and the year before that - that year it was the week my sister got married here. Does it just feel more intense with age? I find myself shouting out in glee, pointing out every single Dogwood, probably driving my kids crazy with my continuous, "look, look did you see how many different colors on this one block?!"... sounding like my long ago grandmother?!

But today, while we were driving in our neighborhood, Gillen said that he couldn't imagine not living here forever. Jesse said something similar later on the way to the farm. I am not just getting old. We're in that short window of bliss before the too quick fading of subtle colors and fresh grass, wrought by a southern summer sun. Maybe this year we won't have a drought. This week, any thing is possible.


kelli said...

Sweet post, (I'm jealous of your spring) but happy that some people are getting it :)

And I hear August Rush music playing on your playlist. We liked that movie, both girls really wanted to own it and it got me off my butt and to the piano :)

helenw said...

We drove through GA on the way to FL from MI 11 years ago this week. We left FL early to spend more time here, and moved here 3 months later. . . Yes, it is pretty incredible.

Alecto said...

I think we are about a month behind and I have just planted Wisteria last year; I am hoping it will eat my back porch because I love it that much. It is not just age, for me it has been this way always. I need it, miss it, want it and dream about it. I ought to just go back to painting it.

Madeline said...

What cool info you all gave me. Kelli, how great that you are playing .
Helen, I had no idea that you ended up here that way! How cool. And you made me think about my last visit to Atlanta before my decision to move here and it did indeed happen in the Spring.

Alecto, I too am so O.K with the Wysteria eating our porch as well. I think it will bring you great joy as it takes over your home. You paint? Definitely go back to it.

Guhn said...

See Please Here

Erikka said...

as i read this, the song "It's getting better, all the time" was playing and the world felt totally together, upbeat and alive in those moments.

i'm glad spring is there for y'all to bask in and appreciate...and grow.