Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Texas Hold' Em

Gillen never did master "the poker face".

I am so glad to be out of Candyland and on to Hearts and Poker.


Angie said...

Yes! I'm so happy to see this. One day we spent 2 days doing nothing but playing Texas Hold'em. My kids said, "we're so happy we aren't in school!" Very proud moment.

My kids never mastered the poker face either. To tempting to smile when you have a good hand.

Erikka said...

i'm not much of a gambler, but I really like Poker. All the different variations are so fun to play. I just need to find some people who don't need to play for money...but for peanuts!

Madeline said...

I love poker too. But I admit, I did like playing for money, when I was playing with the big boys. Not that I made a whole lot. It just made it more exciting.

We played yesterday for the leftover chicken wings!