Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

I'm beginning with the end - the farmer's end, of Monday, when he returned home with something far better than a bouquet of roses. He brought me our first ever bunch of asparagus!!!

As for his expression - I leave it to you to decide. Is he looking at me with love as he hands me this fruit of his labors? Or, do you think he might just not appreciate his end-of-day, worn-out farmer "look" being photographed for my blog?

Yes, it was the latter, but luckily he can really laugh at himself, almost as well as the boys and I did. :) This may be my favorite photograph of him, ever.

Leeks Enough carrots to feed our entire county's rabbit population (not that they get any, I don't think ;):
Swiss Chard:

Despite being tired from visiting friends this weekend (and being sad about leaving them) we had a wonderful farm day. It was foggy. All the colors are so deep when it is overcast. I don't get hot, or swoon. I can pretend that we are in Wales. I really wouldn't mind ending up in a damp, cool-ish, green place somewhere in rural England.

Today, I am very happy right here, documenting the ongoing dramas at the farm and getting to eat freshly harvested Spring vegetables.

We are once again growing the heirloom Red Flint corn for a restaurant owner in Charleston. Last year, this project helped get us to Australia. Later - Jesse blogged about this as only he can.Unfortunately, Jesse is not stomping on wine grapes, just filling trays with soil.

Remember the opening scene of"Reservoir Dogs"? Here are Gillen's Reservoir Ducks, with just as much cool, dramatic swagger. Green Tea, Jet and Mae-Belle were herded by Gillen to a flooded area that has the perfect "pond" for their needs. The baby pool we'd been using developed too big of a leak. We hope that they can find their way back to their food. Ducks are... well, kind of challenged in the short-term memory department.

I wonder if Blaze, who has been missing for a few days, has lost her way home. I hope that's all it is. Gillen had been hoping that she and Jet would sit on these eggs. Today it was decided that we would go ahead and eat them. Duck egg omelets for breakfast tomorrow.
Jesse gave me a tour of the forts that were constructed a few weeks ago when the cousins were visiting. The style is both Asian and old-world and there is lots of space. There are cement blocks every few feet, thickly rising up several feet from where they are firmly planted in the ground. They were once part of the foundation for a house that was here more than a hundred years ago. I love the bamboo wall that they created, and the Azalea tree that they planted from a cutting. Definitely a peace-time fort.

Here, the anxious turkey breeder is watching Flamer sit on her eggs. To the side, one of the dads is gobbling a few warnings his way.Gillen is hoping for chicks in the next few days.


Blogging Molly said...

Holy Moly! I'd take asparagus over roses any day. What a beautiful bounty - I can't believe how many carrots you've grown. And I was proud of my homegrown lettuce.

kelli said...

Wonderful. I love seeing your farm shots, it's so exotic to me.. having produce already, incredible!

You mentioned rural England, Abbi and I would join you. We've been living there a lot lately ;) We've been living amidst Jane Austen the last few weeks and I just told Tim I'd be very happy to move to England for a while. I guess Oregon is similar :)

I hope MN isn't too much of a shock to the Georgians that are coming today, I think I have to call her quick and say that they better bring their warm coats! grrrr..

Angie said...

I love your farm photos. Seeing all those great veggies makes me want summer all the more. Our seeds are planted in the hoophouse and we are anxiously waiting for them to sprout. You give us hope!

Danielle said...

Ooooh, how exciting! We have lots of eggs here, but nobody's setting. Grrrr.

I love the farm photos! I could devour them almost as quickly as the produce in them!

Kaat said...

It sounds and looks so idyllic! Whenever our dream of a homestead seems to slip away and I lose hope - we're close, so close, though - I visit your blog. We won't have animals (you need an acre to be allowed to submit a permit, and we will only have .7), but there WILL be arugula!

Jessica said...

How beautiful! That Swiss Chard, yum, it looks so flavorful. I have tos ay, I loved loved loved reading about the ducks and watched the opening of the movie. I loved that movie so much, and watching the scene reminded me of how it was really different when it came out. It may be time for a new viewing.

mindy said...

I love that picture of Nicolas and the Asparagus!

Madeline said...

I am so glad that there are those who appreciate different parts of this - kelli the need for rural England (Oregon is a good substitute), Jessica the opening of Reservoir Dogs - I too love that movie! I should have posted the Reservoir Ducks bigger as they really do have that "look" and it doesn't show up here, and Mindy - isn't that photo hilarious! It makes me so happy. Danielle and Angie, you are both so amazing! You women who are captains of both homeschooling and farming in your families. I wish lots of free help and farmwork-loving children (at least one each) for you both.

gail said...

Brenna and I are just in awe of all the vegetables. We are just surrounded by tall oak trees and we've discovered we can't find enough sun to grow much of anything but shade flowers.

We love your pictures and want to come visit soon!

Madeline said...

Gail, we'd love to see you!

Deanne said...

I love your farm pictures. That asparagus and arugula look so scrumptious! How wonderful it must be to eat food that fresh.