Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

The Red Flint heirloom corn that we seeded in trays last Monday was already big enough to transplant into the ground. Jesse got some tender enrolling from Papa. Once he started planting, getting to talk to us and to take long breaks from planting, he was less reluctant about hanging with us in the field.
When you look at the seedlings up close you can see the ruby red seed from which it emerged. I was up close and personal with many of these plants today, actually taking my low blood pressure issue in hand and helping to get the corn in the ground.

Some of the tinier plants in the greenhouse.

At the end of the planting came the watering, which in turn (due to a soon-to-be-fixed leak) made a luscious mud bath, which in turn created a great excuse to be hosed off by Gillen (as much fun for Jesse as it was for the anticipatory, hose-wielding sibling here).

Gillen's four-day old poults are doing well. He added a bunch of hay into the other turkeys' enclosure to give them a better nest. He is hoping that Cody is not just taking dust baths (my guess) but is actually sitting on eggs.

At the end of the day, Gillen brought home the most mature sunflower seedlings to the "backyard farm" in our yard.
We are having trouble getting our tiller fixed so the rest of this (more local) farm is on hold.


Angie said...

Love, love, love your farm photos. It's so great to see what other farms are doing and growing. I had a little 'farmer to farmer' chuckle when looking at the photo where the row takes a little jog and's a family joke about how none of my rows are straight!

I'm envious of all the green you have - we are still pretty brown, but had a nice rain last night and the green was starting to shine through this morning.

Madeline said...

Angie, they are straight when Nicolas and his crew does them. It's just when I get involved that things get more bent.

I'm envious of your beautiful red farm house!