Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Farm Photos

It was a rainy day here at the farm. There was even the possibility of a freeze tonight. Helen and Nicolas weren't concerned about that, but we were all very cold. Even the visiting documentary film makers from Maine were shivering.

Michael and Wendy are travelling around the country making a cool documentary about the difference between industrialized and organic farming. They have already made two other films that I am excited about seeing - one about the fight between their small Maine town and Wal-Mart, called Our Town, and one about the migration of the Alewife - a fish that swims all the way from the sea to fresh water rivers in Maine, swimming upstream by the thousands to return to the place of their birth.

This time, their passion is good food. Their journey to explore this passion has shown them how convoluted and political the story of food has become. After they interviewed Nicolas, we had them back to the house for dinner. Wendy inspired us to roast our asparagus with oil, salt and garlic. It was so good that I will have to eat it that way every night until it is gone. Michael, who didn't like beets, had some by mistake in the salad and found he had changed his mind. In addition there was local, grass grown meat. We enjoyed a slow meal and made some new friends. I wish them great success with their film and message.

For the birds, it was business as usual. The turkeys are down to seven eggs, having destroyed the rest (meaning those probably weren't going to make it) and Gillen is still anxiously awaiting the emergence of the first poult.


Angie said...

A documentary film? How cool is that?


Don't you love introducing people to veggies they thought they didn't like? One of my favorite things to do.

Roasted asparagus - can't wait to try that.

Blogging Molly said...

you'll have to keep us posted on that documentary - how cool! we have been eating roasted asparagus several times a week - will be sad when the season is over but am excited about all the other goodies that will be available by then!

Danielle said...

Too cool! Do let us know when the documentary comes out.

Tell Gillen that I'm not having any more luck than he is. Did I tell you guys that I accidentally butchered my proven hen from last year? Grrr, another story.

At any rate, I'm starting over with two new hens, and between them they had 20+ eggs in the nest. One is definitely setting, but Jim said he thought he saw the other one eating an egg last night.

My chicken hens aren't setting worth a damn, and the dern dog keeps disrupting the one goose that's trying to set, so she keeps thinking her nest has been destroyed. Argh! Animals are sooo unpredictable!

Our slow-growing hatchery broilers arrive next week. So much for heritage birds raised on the farm! An incubator may be in our future, though I'm really loathe to go that route.

Madeline said...

Molly, was it you that wrote about roasting asparagus? Maybe it was Barbara Kingsolver, or Danielle? Anyway, it's amazing!

Danielle, I showed them your blog and was going on about your ability to give a great interview on this subject, plus the need to include homesteading types... They have no more time this trip but are considering making one more road trip. You would be perfect. I think Gillen may go the incubator route in the future as well.

Angie, so would you, but you are so danged far away from where they are traveling and from me.

Erikka said...

wow, people are so inspiring at times. i hear about crazy folks off making a documentary on organic farming and wonder, what am I DOING with my life? :)

Erikka said...

ps. I hope there was no frost.

Erikka said...

pps. i would like to mail order chicks some day and want to find a reputable, caring hatchery from which to do so. any recommendations?

mindy said...

Oooohh! We LOVE roasted asperagus. It's absolutely the best way to eat them!

Madeline said...

Hi Erikka. The hatchery that my MIL uses is Mcmurry (sp?) - I think. I was going to confirm with her but didn't see her yesterday. Danielle will have a good one for you. And you are doing plenty with your life! Though, I am too but would love to be making a documentary film. They do say it is truly a labor of love. It is costing them a lot. They haven't yet looked for grants,investors.