Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honest Scrap tag

Sarah passed along this Honest scap award - which does appeal to my need to confess all.

I am glad to have discovered Sarah's wonderful blog.

1. I cry during many movies (comedies too), during So You Think You Can Dance and even over commercials; even those on the radio. This is only since having children and especially when there is David Grey music or some other poignant soundtrack involved. I don't cry in my real life; sometimes with joy but not often.

2. I have been known to dance to the Leona Lewis song, Bleeding Love and even, a few years ago, to Roses are Red by Aqua when the kids were playing it. Dionne Warwick/Burt Bacharach-collaboration seventies pop songs get me singing passionately. I also like Regina Spektor, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, the Weepies, Milton Nascimento... I have versatility.

3. I have a corn-syrup issue. Not that I won't drink an occasional Coke. But I do seriously resent those who created corn-syrup. I'm not so thrilled with the Wal Mart phenomenon either.

4. I can be a bad correspondent. I am getting way better since the advent of e-mail, blogging and facebook. Luckily, I have friends and family who invite us there or themselves here, or my children and I would be lacking in social interaction. Though, Gillen and Jesse would pick up the phone and call someone. Thankfully, they don't have my phone phobia.

5. A few Wednesdays ago, in the middle of a So You Think You Can Dance episode that had a disco number, while home alone, I ran into the bathroom (the only room with a mirror bigger than a tea tray) and danced full out for about ten minutes. My hips were doing figure eights, my arms were moving as fast as limbs in a hurricane, my neck and head were snaking...I was back in NYC at studio 54. I was feeling it.

This could explain why I was so intensely exhausted for the next two days.

If only my body could have stayed young while the rest of me joyfully aged.

6. I'm terrible with a ball - any kind of sport including a ball - though I did once claim to at least be good at soccer. I'm sure I exaggerated about my soccer skills.

7. Sometimes I exaggerate.

8. I have good ideas and enthusiasm, but not much staying power. Otherwise, I'd have finished several brilliant novels and my hallway would be the perfect color orange. I have a theory that once I buy idea paint and start listing my ideas, boldly, in purple and blue and orange on my wall, more of these ideas will reach fruition. Plus, the resident guys can share their visions there as well.

I love listing things I want when the tomatoes come in (our profitable season) but then change my mind and hit the thrift stores.

8. I did just follow through on a burning six-month long desire for a Blendtec blender and am making smoothies and juices and popsicles like crazy. I am a Persephone wannabe in the kitchen.

9. I am gullible and an optimist.

10. I only change sheets every three weeks, unless there has not been enough bathing going on. The guests get our best sheets - 800 thread count, a beautiful soft green and washed in lavender water... (I exaggerated about the lavender).

I would like to pass this along to the following:

1. Mindy

2. Jesse

3. Kelli

4. Laura

5. Gail

6. Claudia (who appreciates a scrap as much as I do).

7. Frank


Frank said...

Oh crap! I mean scrap! Ok, I'll work on it but I'm slow and I just used up a lot (most?) of my courage for being honest in my Father's Day post. I'll see what I can do.

Sarah said...

Madeline, I *loved* it! I can totally relate to the all-out dancing. And the corn syrup anathema. *shudder*

I laughed out loud at #7.

Thank you for playing!

Frank said...

Ok. For your amusement, here 'tis.

Rachel said...

Oh, Madeline, I just adore you. :)

So tell me more about this "idea paint." I went to the link, but I still don't understand what you do. I do have an "idea" about it...but I wonder what your idea is. :)

Rachel said...

Oh, wait, now I looked at the site again and see it says what it is in the very title of the link (I was looking for some description in the shopping area). So a dry erase wall?! I love it! We've already got a wall we use in this manner, only we use Crayola Washables and routinely wash down the wall (which leaves traces of past pictures, etc, but at least gives you a pretty cool surface on which to write). It needs a new paint job at this point, and this is the perfect thing to use. Thanks for the idea!