Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coming alive at dusk

Another fun, very full day yesterday. We went to a not-back-to-school pool party with other unschoolers in Atlanta, then to a birthday party and then to Gillen's long soccer practice. After buying Gillen's new bike this morning (his birthday present) I was spent. At dusk it finally cooled down and Nicolas came home! Always exciting to see him in the summer at home before dark. We immediately went out and picked lots of our muscadines to sell. Right next to the muscadines - the badmitton net. A fierce game ensued between Jesse and Nicolas. I'd been concentrating all day on the weeds, the power bill and the exhaustion of August. And then it cooled off and I remembered to look at the frogs and the flowers, with some cute guys thrown in as well. I love everything better at twilight.

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