Sunday, August 26, 2007

Three sisters

Unable to take a picture of all three writing spiders together I have taken their portraits seperately. They are so photogenic that is hard to resist taking too many photos of them. I was told by a friend that they are sisters and that eventually one of them will eat the other two.
Who will go first? Who gets to do the eating? This kind of puts my kids' occasional sibling issues in perspective.

In the meantime, they eat (well, suck the blood out of) whatever lands in their webs. This one seems to have just wrapped up a cricket, with the cherry on the top being a small beetle-type bug that got stuck to the silk wrapping.


Danielle said...

They are big and beautiful! The females usually have the broad abdomens, so the oldest may be the broadest—just a thought in terms of who will out last. The males are smaller, narrower, and supposedly hang out more to the corner of their web.

Argiopes are amazing, no doubt. Do you guys have those big banana spiders my mom gets down in Alabama? I've never seen one of those up north.

Madeline said...

From what you are saying, I feel more certain that these are all females. My friend thought they were all female as well. One is bigger than the others though so I would put money on her to be the last survivor.

Nicolas and I didn't know banana spider so I looked it up in the refereence guide (we do have the spider one :) and I wish we did have them. They are cool. They eat cockroaches, and carry their egg sacs in their jaws.