Saturday, August 11, 2007

A decade since Gillen was born

My oldest son is ten years old today. wow. He is still the passionate, loving, intense little individual he was on that first day, when after three days of labor, two weeks after my due date, he was finally forced to come out of the womb by c-section. On an apgar score birth report they gave us it says that he had a "lusty cry". He still shows that lust for life - whether running in 100 degree weather with a soccer ball, caring for his garden, cannon-balling into the pool, making grandiose plans or giggling us all into uncontrollable laughter.

I am so glad that he chose us to to be his parents.

I am also glad that he decided this year that he didn't want a party. I can't imagine keeping lots of people cool today in this heat. We're too busy keeping turkey chicks cool. A neighbor dog got one out of the case earlier. There are now three chicks buried in Gillen's garden.

We are celebrating Gillen with his favorite things. There are three different kinds of watermelon here from the farm. We'll barbecue some ribs made with grass-fed meat raised by local farmer friends. We had a fruit tart that he picked out from a European bakery (first time I didn't make the cake) and he has a new good friend from soccer here for the day who loves nature, animals,swimming and fishing as much as Gillen.

Ten is still so young and innocent. At least it is on Gillen. At least this first day of it. : > )

It is also the anniversary of Gillen's bird garden, which he started after going to the hummingbird festival with some friends on his birthday last year. He and Shannon planted four little plants (first picture). It's hard to tell from the dog-day of summer wilting affect, but this garden has grown ten-fold, as has Gillen.


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! 10 years, I can't imagine what that feels like for YOU! It sounds like Gillen can make and do anything, gotta love unschooling!

diana-still-evolving said...

Happy Happy 10 years of motherhood!! <3

tribalmama said...

We have children with very close birthdays! Stone (newly 6 on 8/13) sounds very much like your Gillen! What a beautiful day you crafted for your son...