Sunday, August 26, 2007

Turkey talk

The 13 newborn poults that came in the mail two weeks ago are now 9 noisy, flying, bigger poults. Two died due to the neighbor dog attack and the other two, Gillen and I think, from heat exhaustion.

Nicolas and Gillen created this temporary enclosure in our back yard where they'll live until they go to the farm next week. This is their third home expansion in one week.
The turkey shepherd.


helenw said...

So cute! What are their personalities like, compared to chickens, say?

Sara said...

This is so cool. Can't wait to hear about their progress.

Madeline said...

He picked a breed that is supposed to be really mellow; not aways true of turkeys apparently. So far, they are very aggressive about biting us (especially any nails on toes or fingers) but not obnoxiously so. I hope they'll stay sweet. I hope they'll stay safe tonight on their first big night in the new outdoor enclosure and I hope that I won't get up and check on them too much.