Thursday, August 16, 2007

The party in my hair

I was having a blue morning. No good reasons, just tired of being tired, then feeling pissed at myself for not just appreciating that my kids were happy and healthy. Look at them - Jesse and his friend Logan playing the Dinobirdopoly game (that the boys and I made together three years ago) and Gillen scrapbooking. How often have I suggested this only to have them run in the opposite direction? Here they had discovered it on their own, always a better scenario around here, and was I grateful? Well, yes I was, but mostly I was listening to my inner moaning about how hot, tired and dizzy I felt as I mixed tunafish and folded laundry.

And then the mail came. In the mailbox was a package from Julie Persons containing Julie-designed hair pins and bands - some made with felt, some with glazed porcelain (or beads). Immediately, my hair dragged my groaning self out of my slump into a party! Because red hair, even when highlighted by grey, is always looking for an excuse to party.
For two of the clips, it was love at first sight. They cozied up to one another, ostracizing the old rusty bobby pin that they found living there when they arrived.
The rusty pin, having lived on my head far too long as it was, stole away from the energetic bright new company to retire peacefully in a quiet, dark drawer.
And then the hair clips and hair band spotted the colorful paper chain hanging above and decided it was time to bring it closer and dance.
Colorful paper and dancing hair jewelry - such a mood lifter.

I love Julie Person's art. You've probably seen her beautiful felted lactating ladies and mermaids on someone's site with the slogan "lactation nation", and her photos - incredible!

So now I have Julie Person's art in my hair, to go with my growing collection of art by talented unschooling mamas. Hanging in my laundry room is a river-glass mobile made by Anne Ohman (check out her articles about unschooling) that I bought at the Live and Learn conference , three years ago in Mass. Almost every single time I have a reason to look good, i wear the turquoise necklace that I bought from Rue Kream, author of Parenting a Free Child, at the conference in St. Louis. These three wise women have given me much unschooling and artistic inspiration. I'm glad to have a few of their pieces to hang out with, since they themselves live so far away.


kelli said...

Yay for Julie! And for you!

I have some of her hair clips too and 2 of her wall hangings! :) She does such beautiful creations ~

julie said...

yay, so glad you love them!
they look adorable in your loverly locks and it makes me so happy that they turned the day around for you!

:-) see, I am smiling, too

Kimba said...

I <3 your hair clips. Hmmm, I haven't found a new medium yet, but I might have one of my still have a vinyl bowl or two that hasn't found a home -- you could use it store your hair clips. (I now have a strange tune in my head which involves "It's a party in my hair, unhuh, unhuh" with a sort of Deelites hip hop beat).

Don't forget we want to watch BEN 10 with you guys. I think we are offline for awhile, though (computer is sick) -- my digits are on the database at GA Unschoolers.

Madeline said...

Speaking of "party in my hair" tunes, I have the song, "My Hair Had a Party Last Night", by Trout Fishing in America (they sing kids' songs, think that's the name) stuck in my head! And my head is still beautifully covered in Julie Clips. joy.

Tamar Orvell said...

Toss, delete, heave, chuck, divest the hideous rusted pins now that you have upgraded to cool art for your tresses. Tomorrow, I spend the day helping a friend do a makeover of her home — mostly by tossing, deleting, heaving, etc., drawers, shelves, closets, the works! Not before asking, Excuse me: And WHAT is this? Or IN WHICH century did you last use this?

Seems friends and art in the mail can turn us around and bring smiles to ourselves and others. Thanks for the reminder, and the pics rock!

Madeline said...

What a good friend you are to help with THAT, Tamar. I have trouble doing enough heaving of my own stuff.