Friday, August 31, 2007

Good farm day

“Just living is not enough... One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
-Hans Christian Anderson (author of my favorite childrens' stories when I was six).

We all had a wonderful day with Helen's flowers at the farm. It was just me, the grasshoppers and the butterflies for most of the picking but I had enough energy today, so that was alright by me. Gillen helped pick towards the end and he made some beautiful bouquets. Maybe spending all that time on my back while I made bouquets when he was little... No, it's all the time he spends there now watching Helen and Eva. But he's definitely got his own style. I love it.

He made amazing small bouquets, using Celosia, Phlox, Yarrow, Blue Salvia, Globe Amaranth with the odd Scabiosa(my favorite) and Snapdragon (that he miraculously found in hidden places).He was rightfully proud of his collection of miniature blossoms, all their small containers bedded down in newspaper for the ride to market in the morning. My large bouquets were fine, but I was much more excited about Gillen's.

Jesse made one bouquet but mostly he seeded spinach. Mmmmm. My favorite vegetable.

Just as we were collecting and washing the new eggs, we were hit by a sudden deluge. We've had three and a half inches of rain at the farm over the past few days, which Nicolas thinks may be more than we've had for the entire rest of the summer. It was powerful! But we think that even the littlest plants survived it, Gillen managed to herd all of his young poults in to the inner-most covered cage of their three enclosures, and there wasn't as much soil erosion (often a big problem for us) as Nicolas had feared. Once the lightning was gone, the kids had the greatest running-in-the-mud-joy of their lives. I managed to wash all the eggs without breaking them and rewarded myself by taking home six.

Nicolas and I made dinner together - most ingredients from the farm; cucumber salad, and spaghetti squash with tomato sauce made from paste tomatoes, garlic and onions.

I'm bone tired but am feeling grateful for our day of (mostly) sunshine, freedom and flowers. There will soon be lots more farm pictures on the flickr badge.


Danielle said...

The world was mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful....

Glad you guys have been getting some rain, too. I have all kinds of seeds popping from earlier plantings—it's kinda crazy. I'm thinking about trying to pot up some of the new pepper plants so I can bring them inside and see what they do.

Madeline said...

cool idea!

We actually don't like having so much rain. It's harder to remedy than drought, as we have a well but we can't do much about erosion and plants being rain damaged.