Sunday, August 19, 2007


This morning I got the inspiration I needed to put down Kenneth and Naomi's half-finished baby blanket and finally finish the trim on Damien and Stacy's - their baby boy was born! His name is Henry. We're SO happy that he is here and healthy and that Stacy can now get up. I love the name Henry. His middle name is Sebastien, which is strong and beautiful but was also the name of our St. Bernard when I was young, so I am glad about "Henry" winning the first-name honors. And I am glad that I finished the blanket so that it could fly with my mother-in-law to NY to wrap him in assymetrical, cotton goodness.

You gotta love a guy who drops what he is doing on his day off to walk out into the yard and hold up a blanket for his wife who is trying to get natural light to show the true Mission Falls 1824 cotton yarn colors. I got mine on ebay, very reasonably, from "supercrafty".


helenw said...

Congrats Auntie! And the blanket is beautiful!

Kimba said...

So Sasha, my student assistant, I are so excited to see the finished project. We love the colors!

Damien Donck and my wife Stacy Donck said...

thank you , thank you . we love the blanket. Henry is sleeping on it right know with mommy. I Love you and miss you very much. DD