Tuesday, November 13, 2007

FLOR in the dining room

Before FLOR (not showing the close-ups of the stains, but imagine an assortment of scary, unappetizing brown ink blots, everywhere)


I like the FLOR. It was really easy to install and it looks great. I do have to say that the style that I picked as trim, the dark brown "bittersweet" one (more about the FLOR and styles here) is a hair magnet. After cutting it to fit, I read someone else's review online and they too had issues with this one. We have a great Miele vacuum cleaner (our only expensive appliance and it has been so worth it) that easily cleans it. But the other reviewer couldn't easily take up the lint with his vacuum. A giant lint brush would be key.

Also, we are laying other FLOR over a wall to wall carpet in the guest room and we are going to have to pull it up once again (we've laid it twice) due to buckling. I don't know if this is because of the rug, which is very flat, or due to our placement. I'm thinking it's the placement. We can't experiment with it any more as we have another guest coming for a few days, landing at the airport very soon. Graciela, an old friend who may just want to rearrange rug tiles, for fun. She is much better at this stuff than us! I am looking forward to seeing her, and not just because of her interior decorating talents.


m~ said...

Wow, your home is beautiful! I found you blog through Angie's blog. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you'll get that floor right.

Pam Genant said...

I would love to know more about your experiences with FLOR. What you liked what you didn't. We are considering this for our home. It looks great BTW.

Tamar Orvell said...

r u a FLOR salesperson?

or more probably a deservedly very proud re-nester (w apologies to seinfeld and crew... re-gifters).

Madeline said...

Actually, I could start selling it, Tamar, not because I am looking to go into sales or am overwhelmingly obsessed with FLOR or anything, but we ordered too many tiles, so yes, I could start selling it. It turns out that I can not do math with my husband. We needed to do it, one or the other of us, in our own unique way. Math is not a collaborative activity - for us.

Pam, I really like it, except for what I mentioned about that one bittersweet color (and style) and it's not hard for me to clean it with my vac. It's very easy, affordable and cleanable. You can move with it - it comes right up. If you are ever finished with it, you can mail it back to them and they recycle it. We love that.

helenw said...

Wow - that looks so nice! *Must sit on hands and not go to the Flor site again*

persephone said...

Hi maddie..your flor/floor looks great. wish i was there for thanksgiving, wouldn't that be fun..
wondering if you could send me your email address, mine is persephonebrown@hotmail.com if you want to just drop a quick email so i could get your address. thank you, have a great holiday!

Pam Genant said...

Just one more question I promise. How is it working out in the dining room, with chairs moving in and out etc, any problems with the tiles bunching up or lifting?

Thanks so much

Tamar Orvell said...

i don't do math, either. i am especially incompetent using a "simple" calculator. i learned there is a word for my situation: innumerate, not unlike illiterate, which implies remediable. yet i lack the attitude, hope, and interest.

Madeline said...

Pam, I emailed you - but thought I was emailing it here. I'll place it here too. It doesn't buckle when chairs slide over it. It's great that way. It isn't working for us, however, over the thin wall to wall carpeting in the other room. I think it may be the uneven floor keeping it from sticking together but I would do further research if you are laying it over carpeting.