Friday, November 09, 2007

Full House

My house is full of FLOR (well, two rooms). My fingers are filled with band-aids from cutting rugs for trim.

Many surfaces are filled with fall leaf bouquets from Gillen. There are heirloom tomatoes, squash, greens and roasting vegetables, fresh from the farm, in the kitchen.

I have pictures of all of this but my card reader won't work so they are stuck on the camera.

The most exciting part of this small house makeover has been the change in lighting. Just two new lamps and suddenly my old house is feeling so much more like my home. For a short time I studied lighting and thought about being a lighting designer. Light is so important. How did I stay so long in the dark? It feels warmer already and we don't even have the insulated curtains.

Soon, our home will be filled with visiting friends.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Rachel said...

I have really enjoyed all your posts this week. I lauged out loud at your sewing machine show down, and the reasons you found not to learn it just yet. The "you make me smile" award is well-deserved, indeed. :) Enjoy your newly warm and bright house!

Angie said...

Just from your description, I can picture it and it does feel warm! Can't wait to see the pics though. We are still deciding which FLOR tiles to order for our house - so much to choose from!

Enjoy your 'new' space - how fun.