Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What I can do, part two

Well, since not accomplishing sewing a few days ago, I have made up for it by doing the following:

1) Spending money on home improvement. Granted, it wasn't spent on materials to do the DIY thing. But it is for the well-being of all family members and guests. The just-opened boxes of "home movie/salsa", "morning coffee/organic blend" and "solid ground/bittersweet" (as trim for the last one) rug tiles from FLOR are making me swoon with joy and pace with impatience to have someone big around who can help me move furniture. Aren't those names enticing?

There are also new lamps to assemble tonight, new cushions, new place mats (Ikea was amazing!) and curtains coming in the mail.

2) Making Danielle smile. She passed along a "You Make Me Smile" award. That is so big. Not that she doesn't smile easily. ; ) Just that she started me blogging a few years ago in a funshop at the St. Louis unschooling conference and it feels like my teacher gave a nod of approval. Her blog makes me smile plenty. I will now pass it on to two new-to-me bloggers who have definitely both made me laugh. They are also both participating in the nanowrimo November novel-writing challenge and I want to encourage them. One is Alecto at Alecto's Ophelia and the other is Jessica, at Joyfully Learning.

3) I made Indian food for the first time and my kids loved it. Smelling turmeric, cloves, caraway seeds and an unfurling cinnamon stick together, and then seeing the lentils turn bright pink in my cast iron skillet was so colorful and warming. I plan to cook a lot more Indian this winter.


Ophelia Dreaming said...

Oh, Madeline, you just made my week, my month, my year, thank you so much! (I'm logged on as Ophelia at the moment, sorry!)

xxoo Alecto

Jessica said...

This is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in my bloggin life, and will *definitely* inspire me to reach my word goal day.

Thank you SO much!

Angie said...

Wow, you are busy! I just received my FLOR catalog - isn't it awesome? Can't decide where to start!

Love Gillen's hat & cake below. Homeschooled, especially unschooled, kids are the best and when I see the pictures of your kids, that's what I think of immediately.....great, interesting, confident kids that are individuals.

Your post about his run-in with some of the soccer kids brought back memories of a similar situation with my girls. Hard lessons, but luckily they have the space & time to process it and figure it out for themselves.

Can't wait to see pictures of all your home improvements - maybe it will inspire me to start on this place.

Have a good night, Madeline.