Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween recap and the decline of candy

Helen, Scott and their Mario/Luigi clad twins and daughter hosted a good old-fashioned Halloween party, just the way we like it. The highlights (for me) were the decorations (check out her handmade Halloween quilt and her cats and owls and other cool stuff on her blog), the company, and watching Mario, Luigi, Link, Harry Potter, a mummy and other cool characters jumping on the trampoline, riding the zip-line (especially fun after dark, once we returned from trick-or-treating) and swinging in the tree swings. Jesse went as Harry Potter and the costume suited him so well (he read all the books with me and then again on his own) that he is now living in the glasses. Gillen went as a skateboard dude, getting to ride the pavement between houses with surprising ease (not many good practice surfaces in our neighborhood).

The highlight for the kids - of course. : )

Gillen neatly organized his this morning - what was left of it. So many pretty colors. But I don't know how they can stand the taste. Give me boring brown chocolate any day. I'm not saying it has to be Belgian or Swiss (though they are mighty fine), just keep it chocolate brown. I love the Hundred Grand bars, Reeses cups, even black licorice. Our kids gave most of theirs' to Nicolas and I, but there are less of the chocolates to be had every year. Too many blue candies with names like "Nerd" spell the downfall of civilization, if you ask me(Gillen and Jesse, and I'm guessing their friends, would not agree:) Were the candy versions of nerds and airheads always here and I just didn't notice?

One more picture, to show that there was a frightening side to the night as well. Creative Claudia (mom to the well costumed, by her, "Link", the GA football fan/mummy and the little Pokemom character), as a baby slung on the back of a monster.


mindy said...

I, too, live for the chocolate. Back in the day, we were lucky if we got 3 small fun sized piece of chocolate. Our haul usually consisted of lots of those square caramals, gum, tootsie rolls, and hard, generic candy that you suck on. This new neon sour candy that eats away the top three layers of tongue skin...yeah, I don't get the attraction!

Alecto said...

The candy thing is really funny. Last night when my yougest was picking out which two pieces to consume, she lamented bitterly over the fact that EVERYTHING in her bag seemed to be choclate! Maybe we should have them swap bags!

Kimba said...

Nerds, you have never heard of Nerds?! We even have Nerds magnets at this house...oh wait, maybe they are at work. We do have a Nerds semi at home.

I love all the costumes. Claudia' freaked me out at first!

who loves the candy corns (you eat them in layers) and the maryjanes!

BTW I'm adding some links in my get to be one if you wish.

Madeline said...

I know Nerds now. Just never knew them when I was young. But hen, I am older than you. : )

Claudia freaked us out as well! A lot.