Monday, June 30, 2008

51,733 and counting...

I did it. The O'Riley Bees reached 50,000 words on Friday. So, I made the word count. But the story is not over. I would have added many more words over the weekend but I sensed that the youngest member of my family had reached his word-count limit for a while.

By the time the kids were asleep last night, I was spent and had no more energy to go finish the story. A giant swarm of Beatrice's benevolent bees are hanging out over the ocean waiting to finally make it to Block Island and give their message to the throngs of people who are there to gawk at the visiting President. Paddy is no longer a bee, but a ghost, and Finn has yet to meet his father.

It is farm day so we are off to the farm to see yet another set of new ducklings! There will be Monday Farm photos later.

This challenge (and possibly, this adrenaline writing rush) ends tonight. I have to finish the first draft by the time I break out the champagne after dinner. Even if it means a really bad B-movie climax, the bees have to have landed!


Angie said...

Congratulations, Madeline! What an accomplishment.

I'm hoping we will have a chance to read your story - it sounds very interesting.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your accomplishment!

Kat said...

Congrats on getting to your word count! I cannot even imagine the dedication - and imagination it took to get you there!

kelli said...

Yay! Congrats!! Great work :)

diana(hahamommy) said...

One bee at a time, sweetie, one bee at a time :)
'grats! ♥

Kaat said...

So, was it as hard as you thought it would be? Or easier? Did the story write itself after a while? (I know people always laugh at this, but it happens!)
Can we read it? Can we can we?
Katrien at MamaStories

Madeline said...

It did write itself Kaat and I am going to bore everyone with yet another post about it later. I have to finish it here.

Thanks you guys for being cheerleaders. It really mattered.

Alecto said...

Yay! Congratulations on the finish line and don't worry about a b movie ending (you can always change it) just don't leave them hanging over the ocean, they'll get tired!