Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Picture of Obama, From My Sister in Montana

My sister Bhu took this photograph a few weeks ago when Barack Obama came to speak in Bozeman, MT. I just heard that his win in Montana clinched it. He is now the official nominee for the democratic party. It's a pretty exciting moment, historically. As he said, "this teaches the American children that the oval office is within anyone's reach." I do hope that it is in within his reach. I'm glad that my sister's lens was in reach to get this great picture.


Ché & Fidel said...

great photo. Bhu is a beautiful name - how is it pronounced and what does it mean? J x

Madeline said...

It is pronounced boo. It has a beautiful meaning that I won't be able to quote exactly. Part of it is about having a strong but gentle presence, which makes sense because she does. She is really busy right now so may not see this, but if she does... maybe she'll help us out.