Sunday, June 22, 2008


Last year, the kids did a few day camps and loved them so this year they enthusiastically signed up for many more. I'm glad that they get this chance in the summer to try lots of new things.

Jesse just finished three weeks of camp in a row. Gillen was with him at this last one - circus camp. On Friday, I got to go to their circus. Gillen took to the air:

This fantastic ring master MC'd the event. There was a Beatlemania theme and there were lots of tiny people dressed as fairies and clowns dancing and leaping about. Those were two highlights for me.
Jesse rode a unicycle! He got by with a little help from his friends ; )This was the end of Jesse's first week of day camp, a nature camp that Gillen has loved for years. This was Jesse's favorite this year, as well. The orange-shirted boy in the middle is Logan, Jesse's best friend.
Yes, we are in Georgia and that looked like some serious worshiping but they are actually doing "the funky dance" for the parents. Their mascot that week was the screech owl.
Here is Jesse at the end of his week of theater camp. He turned eight on the last day of camp so was with the young group of actors who were five through seven. In this riveting production of Robin Hood, they played the skunks. The skunks main role was to sit silently back stage, awaiting their two entrances. Jesse was really annoyed with the boy to his right in the picture, who passed the time by jabbing Jesse. This boy was the main topic of conversation in every birthday call he had with relatives who called. Jesse can't wait to do theater camp next year as an eight year old, with lines.
I'm glad to have him home next week to just chill out before more camps.


whimsigal said...

Wow! Those camps look awesome!!! I haven't seen anything like that around here.

Kat said...

We have talked about circus camp before...we might have to look at it some more for next year.

Oh...we are planning a "field trip" out to the Morningside farmer's market next Saturday...will the purple potatoes be ready? :-)

kelli said...

Yay! And my kids can go to those if they want to next year! :)

They look fabulous and fun!

Angie said...

Circus camp! My Brenna would love this. I'll have to look for one in our area.

Madeline said...

Kelli, there is a circus camp in Dunwoody that is closer to you that is put up by the same group. They loooved it! Gillen cried when he hugged his counselors goodbye.

Kat, yes! There will be purple potatoes there, and I may be there selling them (if I'm not writing like a maniac with only two more days to go at that point).