Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Between the Ages

While Kenneth, Naomi and Zoe were here we visited Ms. Whit, our 104 year old friend who accompanied us (mostly my brother and father) on trips when we were young. It was a very nice visit. The highlight was her reading to us from a journal she kept while visiting Mykonos, Greece with them, about thirty-four years ago.

It was also fun to see she and Zoe together, Ms. Whit supported by her walker and Zoe supported by her parents. One is so close to the beginning and the other is inching her way towards the end. I was struck by their shared lack of worry. They are both more laid back than most and they easily roll with the punches, trips and falls.
Last New Year's, in Sydney, I was inspired by the Aussie word for whine - "whinge" - to use it in my one New Year's resolution - not to "whinge" all year. I think I did pretty well. But to be honest that wasn't really such a big challenge for me. I took on the big one this year - "No Worries", also inspired by the Aussies. I'm (hopefully) moving through the middle of my life and it feels like a good time to start more fully embracing risk, joy and sleep. Worrying can get in the way of all of that. When I'm tempted to go towards the worries, I'll think of these two inspirational females and of the unique way in which they each laugh - Ms. Whit, like a woodpecker and little Zoe, softly, like a whispering fairy - and I'll try for a giggle instead.


Christy said...

Good resolution! I think I'll try that one too. I tend to worry WAY too much. It does take a lot of the joy away.

laura said...

oh this just gave me goosebumps all over!! the beginning and the end, what an image.

you giggle away girl!!!

FLO said...

I'll bet if Mrs Whit could go back, she's worry a lot less and laugh a lot more. I'm with you- let's try it!

persephone said...

I love the top picture with Zoe standing and Mrs Whit lounging. She embodies "cool". So glad you got to visit her with your brother. "no worries" is a good one, can't change the things you can't control. xoxo