Sunday, January 25, 2009


Right before leaving Chattanooga, we visited their Creative Discovery Museum. Jesse spent a long time making a stop action film, something he has been trying to do at home but without the fancy equipment and background scenery. It was an exciting story about a space cow surviving a dinosaur attack.
There was lots more water play:

Jesse bravely teased the T. Rex with his hand, wondering out loud if "Night at the Museum" could ever be real?While Jesse, looking into a widening mirror, got to take a look at what it would be like to take up a lot more space, I took this shot and saw myself taking up very little space on the left.This brought back a childhood memory for me. I was seven years old, the youngest camper at an overnight camp. I remember closing my eyes to go to sleep and having the sensation that my body was growing to take over the whole room, that I was a huge presence. It was scary but I also knew that if I opened my eyes I would be small again and I liked feeling so big for a change.

I've been thinking about what it is that makes us, as children and as adults, feel fully present in a strong, confident, big way. But that's for another post (or maybe part of a talk at a conference in New England :) Now, back to the Chattanooga scrapbook.

Gillen discovering the power of defying gravity, or just the power of a pulley?Though I took only one picture of our time with Mindy's family and of the sustainable farming conference which brought us there, these were major highlights of the weekend.

SSAWG, the southern sustainable ag. conference, was HUGE! It was exciting to see how big this group has gotten since the first time I went to one, while pregnant with Gillen. There are a lot of eager new farmers.
Here is sweet beautiful Sophie, after swimming with us at our hotel, suited up for her basketball game. She'll have to represent the whole wonderful family, for now, until our next visit.

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Angie said...

Hello, Madelaine! I've been absent for some time now, but needed to get caught up on what you have been up to. When I saw you were at the SSAWG - I literally 'moaned' - I too have been to that conference a few times and was there 2 years ago. Had I known you would be there - I would have gone again! Oh well, maybe next year:) Glad to see all is well - and LOVE your art room.