Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I love, right now

-That the kids and I got to go on two adventures with friends this week - to the Atlanta History Museum and then yesterday to visit Kelli, Kyra and Alec. It was good to go somewhere, driving in the GA winter sunshine, to reconnect with Jim Henson's muppets and to hang out with good friends.

-That we get to stay home tomorrow and not go anywhere. It's so cold that there won't be a farmer's market this Saturday and therefore, Nicolas doesn't have to work too much tomorrow and can hang out part of the day with us here! Finally, a farmer's day off.

-That it is winter and we are hanging out upstairs again with books (right now, the one I wrote this summer) and legos.

-That we can hang out downstairs near our wood stove and be warm, now that we have insulation.

-That other than my toe, I feel healthy!

-That my rubber stamps are standing up (spread out like a small city) on a shelf in our new art room cabinet, calling out to be pounded into ink.

-That Gillen and Jesse are laughing in the next room, and not at each other.

-That one time out of twenty, every day, Tuki-dog actually uses her new dog door instead of scratching to be let in.

-That I am sitting under a beautiful handmade throw (my Christmas present from Dina) that is keeping me warm and stylish on our new couch.

-That I am happy with the white couch.

-That we have "The Sopranos" (the beginning of the last season) coming to our mailbox tomorrow.


laura said...

i LOVE "what i love" lists!!!

i started one the other day with this: i love when it's raining really hard when you're driving and you go under an overpass and it's suddenly super quiet, just for an instant...and then the rain comes down again. i love that tiny moment of pure silence.

it sounds like you love the exact same things i love. adventures with friends but also some quiet home time. reading under blankets and craft supplies that call to you. for us right now, it's a star trek voyager video coming in the mail tomorrow!! i love it all!!!

gail said...

Keep warm these next few days. Thinking of you. Hugs from us all.

kelli said...

Sounds wonderful :) and it was great hanging out with you guys! I'm hungerin' for more of your book!

Erikka said...

that is a lot to be in love with!

Danielle said...

I've given you an award. You can find it over at my blog.

Madeline said...

What wonderful comments. Thank you all for taking the time!

Danielle, you are a woman of infinite capability. What a very long time that must have taken. You are amazing. I look forward to checking out some of those blogs. And thanks for the award!

Bhu said...

What a great list. And Tuki's using the dog door! Now that is amazing!

Dina said...

My throw made the list! And YAY for Tuki!!!