Monday, January 19, 2009

the Undoing of Neatly Folded Laundry Costume Parade

I came here to write about how well I've done over the past few months with my de-cluttering, about how clear I feel with less piles, more restful blank space and rearranged furniture that gives us a fresh perspective.

Before I could take myself too seriously, the high-pitched boy team of Gillen, Jesse and (spending-the-night-friend) Logan enthusiastically burst my superficial bubble - all clad in costumes they'd created from Nicolas' boots, coats, glasses and the newly folded laundry and racing through the room in a loud parade. My moment of false organization pride threw itself into the pile up of superheroes and joyful noise.

Because (like everyone) I have presidents on the brain this week, I thought of a better picture that shows a child's joyful grandiosity - the one of John Kennedy in the oval office with his young son John-John underneath the desk at his feet. I have a feeling Obama's kids will be allowed to visit the Oval office too. And what could be better while making majorly important world-affecting decisions than to be reminded of what is at stake by the presence of a child.

Sometimes it's really loud around here. Sometimes it makes me a bit crazy. But, as parents of older kids remind me, the joyful, chaotic noise of these years will be gone all too soon and oh how I'll miss it.


kelli said...

I have missed it a lot lately. I'm finding ways to fill it but it is such an adjustment.

Those pictures are priceless! Love those boys!

Sara said...

All boys need pictures of themselves dressed up with underwear on their head! This must be a rite of passage, because we have similar pictures of my brother with his neighbor friend.

Bhu said...

i love the full title of this post. they look like they're having a lot of fun. and i love that photo of jfk and jfk, jr! i'd never seen it before. gorgeous.

Madeline said...

I thank you Kelli for helping me grasp this more fully.

Sara, my friends and I did it too, dancing around Sally Solomon's house in Brooline with underwear on our heads! No pictures though, thank goodness.

Bhu, I love that I was able to introduce you to that photo. I loved it growing up as jfk jr. and I were so close in age; and it's just such a good photo.