Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Good Times

I've once again posted way too many photos. It couldn't be helped. Not only are Danielle and her kids our favorite farmer-unschoolers. In addition, I thought I had erased all of these photos from my camera so am so thankful to all of them for still being here.

As soon as they arrived, the new art room was officially opened! They pretty much lived here, making and trading A.T.C.s for the next few days, except for breaks to play the "Harry Potter scene-it" game and to eat the fabulous food that Danielle brought with her from her farm - raspberry preserves, loaves of artisanal bread, cheese from her cow Bella and the best roast pig I've ever had. Wow.
Among his many talents, Sam was far better at using the dog door than our dog.
We also left the art room to go to the farm. While Danielle got her hands back in the dirt with Nicolas (it's too cold for much farming at her place) I followed the kids to the back fields to collect crystals.

There was a fierce game of "predator" - one cheetah chasing lots of gazelles.Tribal red soil paint:
We miss them all already.


Sarah said...

It looks like so much fun was had!

kelli said...

What fun! Love that photo of Sam, so cute :)

I can't believe we haven't made it out to your crystals! Soon!

Danielle said...

Ooooooh, I'm so glad the photos came back!

We had so much fun with you guys and were so sad to leave. We could've stayed forever, but I'm sure you eventually would've kicked us out and we would have had to say goodbye anyway.

Too far!

We need to keep working on those trip plans.

Between Hitching Posts said...

Such creative play! I'm glad you found your photos! They seem to be little pieces of treasure from your time spent with friends.

Madeline said...

Danielle, NO! It isn't so. We would never have let you go, but I think that Bella and Jim may have started weeping pretty loudly. I'm glad you're home safely and I look forward to some serious trip planning.