Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration

We taped the inauguration and all watched it together last night. I'm so glad that the kids were old enough to appreciate what this moment means and that we have tivo so that we could pause frequently during the speech when they had a question or we wanted to clarify something further. Yay tivo. And hallelujah America! Yes, it is an overwhelming task before us but for this moment, I am filled with hope and joy.

Jen Lemen has a beautiful, intimate picture of President Obama and his wife on her blog, with Obama's poetic description of their relationship.


kelli said...

oh my gosh, what a touching piece he wrote.. :) (over at that blog)

Abbi and I watched the inauguration and we recorded it for everyone else, it was great. I want to find the poem online that was read.

Tamar Orvell said...

Thought of you as I beamed, then blogged w joy witnessing this great inauguration of a new president who is younger than I, smarter than I, and reaching for the same goals -- decency, fair shake for all, safety net for those smacked by ill-luck, and a call to share in shouldering the hard work of sustaining, safeguarding, and reclaiming our integrity at home and abroad.