Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cool May day at home

It was seventy degrees today, here in normally-already-hot-by-now GA and for the first time all week we didn't have to drive anywhere. There was yet another field trip – this one to the High Museum, and a park day at a favorite Atlanta park with great people. We opted out of all of it. We didn't even farm. It was a day filled with spontaneously starting cool projects. For instance, we were outside reading _Poppy_ and the boys decided to set up "drawing offices" on the deck.

In his office (which looked really uncomfortable to me but he assured me was perfect), Jesse created a "glitter garden" with lots of yellow around a colorful center. The yellow part represent “glitter seeds”. Throughout the day he periodically added more color and glitter over the yellow, showing me that more and more seeds had sprouted..

Gillen bird-watched and then drew all of the birds he saw on one big chart.

At one point Jesse announced that it was time to go make "it" to eat. He asked me to get out the following ingredients for "it" and then he mixed them together.

Thankfully he decided that "it" was too good to share.

The Thai Kettle chips made it spicy. Jesse loved "it". I made strawberry ice cream with my raw heavy cream from the Amish farmer, maple syrup and the farm's strawberries. So good.

Gillen's other big project was his garden. He has added a few new plants to it. Today he collected compost from the farm (early this morning he worked there with N.) and lots of pine needles from the woods next to us and blanketed all of this over his plants. He also finally staked the Honeysuckle and the Bleeding Heart plant (which I kept calling "love lies bleeding" due to its sad unsupported state.) He then created a new plot in another area of the yard and planted potatoes and cucumbers.

I started my Babette blanket (very funky and colorful). Look at the luscious colors of the Mission Falls yarn that I got on Ebay for this project (thankyou Helen for the whole idea). My favorites are Aubergine (deep purple), Merlot, Periwinkle, Goldenrod, lentil.... I love the other four I got as well!
It's fun deciding how to layer them together. Aubergine and Goldenrod together... mmmmmm. So rich. Periwinkle and Merlot together make me think of France. I don't know why.

My post preview button isn't working (from the blogger help board I see it's not just me) and so I don't know how these pictures are going to line up. It hasn't worked for almost a day so I am tired of waiting. It's probably good to publish/eat/dress/draw blindly once in a while....

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