Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So now the word of the day is "clairvoyant". How appropriate. Clairvoyant "polliwog" finds her way to my blog today (see comment in last post), the day I refer to her name? Strange. The internet provides so many possibilities of connecting. Eerie and wonderful simultaneously. I do love being able to follow links to an unknown end, all leading further away from the original topic and into all kinds of surprising new knowledge or a connection with something once known, now missed. Polli's comment just now led me to look at her blog. She isn't a homeschooler, lives in WA, has different hobbies (except for reading.) I wonder how she found me. I love her blog and will return. I ended up at some other site where people, including Polli, write reviews of others blogs and her review of Cameo's "Word Up" video on YouTube led me to dancing my butt off all over my office while the kids looked on in shock - thereby fulfilling the commitment I made last month - to dance all over my house. Full circle connection.

It is another beautiful day here. We didn't farm but we did get a chance to lie in the grass and look up at the trees and sky and birds. Well, I did. While I was doing this, Gillen talked on the phone to a local friend about the squirrel he caught in a trap and about how much he'd like to kill the squirrels with his BB gun if his mom would let him. Jesse was reenacting Ben Ten power moves and wondering out loud (for an hour) how it would be possible to program a real omnitrix with alien powers that would transport him off of the trampoline to fight fires, and injustice...

On another day, the BB Gun thing would have me quietly muttering to myself (not always quietly) or I'd want to get rid of Cartoon Network. But today, just listening, I am seeing the connections.

And one more -The kids and I connected today with a boy we don't know who is fighting Leukemia. He is asking that people send him birthday cards as he wants to receive the world record number of greeting cards. So, filled with Hannah's spirit, we made him cards and talked about death and illness and I realized, again, what being here now means.

Time to connect my family with some dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again!

I'm not sure how I found your blog. But I was so surprised when I saw your word of the day!

Actually I am a homeschooler too! I have homeschooled all six of my kids from birth. I don't advertise it because I'm pretty private about my kids and didn't want my blog to be a homeschooling blog. I couldn't do it justice I am sure. There are so many good blogs on that topic out there.

I love how we connected. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really am enjoying yours!