Friday, May 04, 2007


We were on our way to a cool unschooling get-together to make tie-dyed stuff at the Land Trust. The sky darkened and we decided not to make yet another long drive. Truth is, we were tired and we have lots of field trips coming up.

But we did still go to the new local thrift store. We'd planned to go to get t-shirts and pillow cases to tie-dye. Instead, we went to explore. We found a few books, some great vintage material for a tablecloth, a basket, and then, the toy section - where all good will at the Goodwill thrift store ended. Gillen found a big boogie board and a big pillow boxing thing. He picked them up and played with them. He asked if we could get them. I asked him for the prices. He turned to look for them and they were gone! A woman who'de been watching all of this had grabbed them. Oh well. A new cartload of toys comes out and Gillen sees one of those big ball with handle things you can ride. A little small for him but the kind of thing he and Jesse love to use on the trampoline. I thought we'd eventually give it to a friend of our's younger son. He asked if he could take it off the cart and the goodwill employee said no, that it had to go on the shelf first. He followed her the few steps to the shelf and again... that same woman there, grabbing it off the shelf! I said (in a light tone), "wow, my kids just aren't going to be able to get anything with you around." She answered, with attitude, "I have 13 grandchildren."

Gillen immediately labeled this the worst shopping experience of his life, even cried.

Waiting in line to pay, behind that same woman and her overflowing cart, I told him to run back to the toys and see if anything good was put there. He ran back with a boogie board - smaller than the one he'd wanted but a lot more practical for our tiny pool and lack of beach. And he also had a plastic bat (a better size than the hard bats at home).

So, despite the cool, grey weather, the boys decided it was time to open the pool today.

cleaning the pool; finding a frog
Gillen and frog
Jesse joyfully bonding to frog
Boogie down!
Catching that 1" wave!

The hours of play with this board and then the game with papa later with the plastic bat were so worth the $5. I send that thrifty grouch's 13 grandchildren thoughts of good will. As for her, may she never meet Gillen or I in a toy aisle again.

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