Saturday, May 05, 2007

thrift store fabric

I am posting this picture in honor of Helen, a really discerning reader with radically good taste : ), and a friend who shares the same thrift store. I can't wait for her new web site where we can see her fantastic crochet creations, as well as her beautiful children.

The middle fabric is a scarf. I thought that the ones on either side were simply fabric. I had decided that I would teach myself to sew in order to make tablecloths from them (inspired by soulemama's creations). They were all folded up and taped at Goodwill. I untaped them at home and discovered that my sewing days can be further delayed! They are already tablecloths. The red came with 5 napkins as well.


helenw said...

Love'em! I went back today and got the sheets that I didn't get yesterday, I think they may have furures as tablecloths too. My camera died last week so I haven't been blogging, I feel like I have an limb missing or something! But it is an opportunity to upgrade my camera a bit, which I was already researching. It should be here any day now . . .

Kaat said...

Hi Madeline,

can you believe I clicked on "previous" in the Homeschooling Ring, and commented on the wrong blog!? Ringsurf scrambles the blogs around, so we were only neighbors for a short while.

So I came here through some adventure. I love it. Can you believe how small the world is? Though luckily big enough for our children and their adventures!

Can wait to visit your archives over the weekend. And will come back often to visit too.

(Kaat at Mamastories at

Kaat said...

CAN'T wait, of course. (Goofy typing with 20-month-old on lap).

Madeline said...

Helen, I want a new camera! eventually... Congratulations. I just found out about a cool mag. for digital photos called JPEG. My sister setn me info. I'll email it to you.

Kaat, I just found out about the srambling. That's new from when I was on before. Sorry. I'm glad you commented here or I never could have found your blog again.