Saturday, May 12, 2007

Six Flags, one very tired mama

Yesterday, Jesse and I went to the homeschool day at Six Flags. He wanted to try the roller coasters and Gillen didn't. Gillen decided to go with Papa to do deliveries instead. So Jesse and I had a date. We started out with the Mind Bender,one of the gentlest roller coasters. It wasn't quite the thrill he'd hoped. He didn't cry and wail (as I had as a child in Panama City). But he did stoically decide that there would be no more roller coasters that day. He plans to try again next year. Ben and Jerry's ice cream was a big highlight!Jesse got to do this ride alone! He is there, the little dot in the middle of the seats.

It was soooo hot. Only one water ride was open and that line was probably over an hour long. I was crazy tired when we finally got home, to the news that our good friend from Vancouver Island was visiting for dinner. I cleaned the house like the Tasmanian Devil, made dinner and got to visit with Chris, who is so wonderful. I just hope he didn't take it personally when I fell asleep on the couch while we were talking after dinner!

Vancouver Island sounds incredible. We will have to visit, some day.

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