Thursday, May 10, 2007

The hat is finished; the corn is hoed

Gillen finished crocheting his hat for Papa this morning.

It is a beret but he prefers it pulled down on his head. I think it's cool either way.

He is so proud. He immediately started a green beret for one of his upcoming new cousins due in Sept.

After several hours of fun with our friends at the park, we went to the farm to weed the corn. My hoeing blisters are turning into callouses now and I didn't kill any of the plants today. I was sweating. My feet are hurting. I am farmer, hear me roar!

These two rows go twice as long and then we also had two to do in another field.

This is an heirloom variety of corn that is meant for milling into corn meal. This bunch of it is being grown for seed stock. It was commisioned by a granite-milled flours producer from Charleston, S.C. who we've worked with in the past. His story is pretty interesting as is his success with saving heirloom plants. You can read about him, the heirloom plants and the Charleston restaurant here.

Our first English peas and the chick that Gillen has claimed as his own.

Think this hat may be finished too?


Kaat said...

Hi (pic of) fellow Belgian in the United States of A!
Madeline, your life is enchanted! I love reading about your family, your farming, and all the idiosyncracies of trying to live a "slow" life. And the sunshine in your pictures! When my enthusiasm for my own blog wanes, I just have to read yours and I am ready to post again! But first... a comment.

Madeline said...

Vous etes tres gentille! I may have demolished the spelling here but you get the idea. Wish I could do accents on the computer. The sunshine is great but we sjure could use some rain down here.

Madeline said...

kaat, if you come back, I can't get to your blog! Access is denied through your link and I didn't save your site. Can you email it to me?