Tuesday, May 08, 2007


It was a beautiful day today, cool and sunny. The boys and I helped Nicolas by cutting the greens off of the last of the season's baby turnips.
Gillen ate more turnips than he threw in his bucket. They are so good. Have you ever roasted a turnip? Incredibly sweet.

Eventually they both went off to do other things. Gillen made a wooden, chained sign for a "natural restaurant", painted the name in red paint with his finger, and hung it on a tree. Jesse created an "edible" lunch (as opposed to their usual non-edible restaurant play items I guess) of a sandwich filled with bok choi, a turnip and a strawberry. He meant to save it for Papa's return from the back fields but got hungry and ate it himself.

They played and I got to farm alone for awhile. I do like farming, in these perfect weather conditions. It is good to be outside. I have blisters on my hands from last week's hoeing and today my nails had that old stained black look that a manicurist had struggled with before my wedding 11 years ago. No longer a full-time farmer, it easily washed off today.

Here's the mark of long-term, full-time farming. I am happy to say that Nicolas is out of his slump about his chosen profession. Today, just his hands are looking tired.

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