Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The 2007 Live and Learn Conference

Despite my lack of meaty, womanly, luscious hips, I learned tribal belly dancing from my talented new friend, Mindy. She decked us out in turbans, small shirts and tribal makeup and we performed in the talent show. I love any kind of tribal dance and this was a lot more of a work out than I anticipated! I'm going to have to find that unopened belly dancing DVD that I bought a few years ago.
One of the best parts was having Gillen and Jesse hugging me in glee as I came off stage.

I loved watching them dance too, at the Saturday night all-age dance party.

What a wonderful, varied, huge group of people. They came from Vancouver and Maine, and everywhere in between. So many women there that I love and respect and whom I wish lived (with their families) just over the clothesline from us. We even got to see our old friends - the Buskes - who used to live here and moved up there to the mountains several years ago. Oh how I miss mama Buske!

As always, I was reinspired, in particular by the unique example and wisdom of the teenagers, to be even more trusting and respectful of my kids.

Stealing off to the lake to fish, the first afternoon.
Nicolas (the one who just kicked the ball) and many other dads, had as much fun as the kids in the soccer game.

Gillen and Jesse both told me, seperately today, that it was the best week of their year.


Tamar Orvell said...

Glad and NOT surprised to hear that the conference was a celebration of joy, fun, and meaningful learning, sharing, and connecting (and reconnecting). I get huge comfort and relief knowing that a generation is coming up IN SOME PARTS that is being raised to respect self, others, and nature, and shown by example that originality, hard work, and creativity are valued. I have added your boys and their pals to the list of members of my family (includes friends, of course) who see all this as "curriculum" of a healthy life.

PS In a coffee shop in Emory Village yesterday, I met a fellow (typical me... yak/yak/yak anytime, anywhere) who is planning a blog (on local resources) as he morphs from a life as a deejay. So I led him to your blog... w the music. His eyes popped open wide. So thanks from him (and me). Expect such a playlist on his virtual space —when he creates it.

Vicki said...

I wish we could have been there, too! Glad you guys had a fun time, we totally would have been at that soccer game!

howiff said...

Its good to see that unschoolers are so inclusive that they accept and embrace hairy, sweaty, Belgians. Great pictures. The conference was excellent and you guys are the best. See you in November.

Jessica said...

I was so very happy to meet you and what a thrill to have your redhead family giving gifts to Declan!

I think he is still half expecting you to show up with some little treat while we are eating.
Love, Jessica

~Abbi~ said...

I'm glad you guys had a great time! So did I, and all of us. We loved seeing you all and hanging out! The trip really opened my eyes to how secluded we're currently living, too, all the ding-dang way up in Minnesota. Guess we'll just have to fix that. ;)

~Abbi~ said...

And P.S. (short memory span, forgot to add it in with my other comment!) You all did really good wit' the Belly Dancing! I'm regretting having not gone up there and doing it with you all. Oh well, there's always next year! (Hoping and assuming Mindy plans on doing it again, of course)

Can't wait to see you guys again!