Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to Carolina

As Louis Armstrong sang - we're "gone fishing". Gillen has been wanting to trout fish for a year. He wanted to go on his birthday, in August, when there aren't many fish. So for the next four days, Gillen, my father and I are hunting the ones that are coming back to cooler weather, in streams and rivers in North Carolina. Jesse is going to hold down the fort with Nicolas.

Back to the tall pines and mountain air of Carolina!


Merrill said...

Hey! I was so happy to find your blog via Helen's! How totally awesome re: Barb K.! I have not yet read the book but its on my list at paperbackswap.com

Come check out my shop at www.electricbluebird.etsy.com. I don't keep up with the blog like I should but its there too.

Miss you! Have you spoken to Philly lately? Does she have a blog?

Madeline said...

Merrill! So good to see you here. I will definitely check out your shop and your blog. I need to call Philly. I am way overdue. Thanks for reminding me. I hope she has a blog!