Monday, September 17, 2007

Frik is actually Frac

A few posts back, I mentioned a cat that has been showing up at our house and whom we have decided to start feeding and caring for and calling "Frickle" because "he" looked like my mom's male Calico cat whom I loved so much years ago. In the comments, Tamar pointed out that Calicos are female, to which I retorted, "not this one!"

But Tamar's comment got me thinking and Nicolas and I decided to look for ourselves. It turns out that just because you can hunt and raise chickens, two things that our 9 yo friend Aaron does very well, doesn't mean you are equipped to designate the sex of a cat. The equipment that Aaron saw back there must have been the calico patterning playing tricks on his eyes. Frickle has been renamed "Fracas", for the female sibling.

In that same post, I called my mom's two cats Calicos. I cat-sat these two, loved them from the time they were kittens and inherited them from my mother when she died. I would know! Well, apparently not. I looked in an old album today and it appears that my memory has become an issue. Here they are, Frickle on the left: What is up with my brain! What else have I rewritten? Good thing I have this blog to keep as evidence when I start rewriting my kids' childhoods!

Here is our new Calico, Fracas the second.
She is outside looking in while the first Frik and Frac were doomed to always be inside looking out, at the many many birds that came to my mom's seven bird feeders.


~Abbi~ said...

Very cool! I love cats, and would own one in an instant, if not for my dad's, Alec's, and (woe be me!) MY cat allergies. The world is beautiful and plentiful, but sometimes, it just ain't fair.

Oh, in one of my own blog posts, you asked if you could link the 'black and white' poem on your blog... you can go right ahead! I'm glad you like it! :)

AnneO said...

OK...I'm responding to your comment on my blog here!

Jake FREAKED OUT that you know the guy who started Kid Robot. My sister first discovered it in SanFransisco, and we have been to the one in NYC quite often. One of the reasons we love to go to the Toronto conference is to go to *Magic Pony*, where Nathan Jurevicius' work is featured (artist for *Scary Girl*).

Jake said (about you), "Um...I kind of...LOVE her!!"


I got him LOADS of designer toy stuff for his upcoming birthday...books and toys. Our house is scattered with them. My blog post about that trip to Corning and the photo of the glass piece shows some of them.

Wow ~ too cool. Unschooling connections never cease to send me to my knees in deep gratitude.

I should send you some of Jake's artwork of *the world he has inside of his head and its inhabitants* to show him.


Tamar Orvell said...

WHAT A BEAUTY! Thanks for the pix! Now, I am weeping for the outdoor life she lives. Tell us it's OK. I am such a projector of thoughts and feelings onto my calico baby.

Madeline said...

Tamar, we brought here inside after we had her spayed, for the night and next day, but she just wouldn't use the litter box! She used the shower. We want to let her go out and in and just hope she'll go out when she needs to. Also, Tuki is not loving her, yet.

Bhu said...

favorite part of this already hilarious post: that one of the tags is 'my insanity'. you are too funny!