Saturday, September 15, 2007

Drinking in color

Since finding myself drawn, in art projects, to combinations of patterned colored paper, I've been thinking a lot about color: noticing just how many greens there are in nature - really seeing the monochromatic palette in our yard, the farm or the park; or experiencing the power of taking color away - switching a photo to black and white. And then there are the mixtures - seeing what happens to raspberry when placed next to deep blue or the magic of a touch of red against muted browns or the combinations of colors that Gillen can wear together with camouflage : ) Here are a few of today's colors.A farm bouquet by Helen.
Newly wound up embroidery flosses from skeins we bought on sale.
The STILL not finished ripple blanket for new baby Zoe. I'm waiting on more Mission Falls yarn to arrive in the mail.
Gillen, this morning, in his bright new uniform.


~Abbi~ said...

Colors, colors... after having watched The Impressionists BBC series (when in Tennessee, I found three Monet paintings in our Hotel, and two more at Arby's!!), my mom and I have also been pulled towards the drawn art, and nature's art. Even so, sometimes I feel I often overlook amazing colors as just more shades of the same thing. By doing that, I'm overlooking beauty, when I should be appreciating it. I feel I can really respect people who are capable of seeing, realizing, respecting, appreciating, and loving things (even if they're just colors!) for their individuality.

(Okay, time now to disrupt the mystical, zen speech with a ripple of pure, pristine Abbi-ness)

Rock on, girl! :)

Stacey said...

The blanket is beautiful.