Sunday, September 02, 2007


Gillen took apart a broken stand-up fan today,

Jesse re-viewed the possibilities of its parts...

And we saw a butterfly right after it had come out of its chrysalis.

Tonight, we watched an episode of "Survivor Man" (our newly discovered favorite show) as interpreted by Gillen at the farm, filmed by Nicolas. It was awesome - he made a fire, picked up and described a non-venomous rat snake and even ate a live cricket - ATE it, whole. As soon as it ended, a tiny toddling Jesse and a three-year-old Gillen, both helping Nicolas plant flowers (in what is now Gillen's garden), filled the screen! We had taped over old video of them. We haven't taken much video of them so that's really disappointing. But it was wonderful to suddenly see a little Jesse smiling at me (as I was holding the camera) and to hear Gillen's rolling giggle. Talk about metamorphosis. It's amazing how much we have ALL changed.

Lastly, my favorite change of the day - the weather. The warmest it got was 80 and there was a breeze. I actually chose to be outside all day. Every thing is lush and colorful again in Gillen's garden and Tuki is having a much easier time of getting us to go for walks. GOODbye August. I know you're much appreciated in other parts of the country, but here... not my favorite piece of the year.


Wendy said...

Yeah, I lived down South for many, many years, and I'd agree that August is not the most hospitable of months in those parts.

However, here in Maine, August is great! It's our warmest month with temps in the 80's :). The garden is full and producing. The harvest is huge (and fleeting).

September changes here in Maine are not so subtle. It's an in-your-face, no-more-summer-for-you, almost overnight change as the traffic clears and the trees go from full and green to bright yellow, red and orange to bare in about six weeks or less. And the garden dies.

Adieu, August, you were much loved and will be missed here in the extreme northeast ;).

janefrances said...

The light in your pictures is great. It looks like Jesse is exuding the force.

Madeline said...

yep. That's how I remember the northeast, where I spent many years. I would leave Boston and NY to go to Maine whenever possible. I miss your summer and fall. The grass is always greener...

Jane, Jesse will love to hear that interpretation!

Tamar Orvell said...

One of my favorite posts you wrote this summer described how you conserved energy (didn't light the oven and did not let the air conditioning bill soar with the thermometer, as examples). I like conservation though it sometimes inconveniences us. Why should we be so demanding as to require all our wishes to be granted, and right now? It is an ugliness that ruins the good stuff for everyone.