Sunday, September 30, 2007

"..and a river runs through it."

Our fishing trip was full of moving, side-splitting and jaw dropping stories told by our N.C. host, my father's friend Adrian, about his amazing life journeys. Listening to him was as good as hearing "This American Life"on NPR and that show is one one of my 10 favorite things. There were endless stories (if he doesn't write the book of them, I will) but unfortunately, due to drought, there were hardly any fish. Adrian taught Gillen fly-fishing and wood-working. And Gillen did get to bring home some huge trout, after all, thanks to my father, who took him to fish at a stocked trout pond an hour away. I loved watching Gillen so gracefully and patiently fly-fish. And it was really sweet being back in the mountain town that my brother and I visited so often with my father, grandmother and cousins when I was a child. The smell of the many different kinds of trees (Highlands is known for its huge variety of trees), moss and mountain air brought back more memories even than seeing the houses my family used to own. And through it all, there was the peace of the river that has always run through it.

Any one else love that movie?

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kelli said...

Yep. :)

We own it. I love it when they're at the river. Some of the other stuff in the movie is hard for me to watch but the environment is wonderful.
How cool to learn to fly fish!